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21 Days in Europe: Slovenia

Days 9-11

LAKE BLED accommodations: Camp Bled  Glamping Tents 

LJUBLJANA accommodations: AirBNB through “Modern Bright Apartment in City Center” hosted by Matvez. 

So far on our trip, we have been to Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Slovenia. We are about just past the halfway point of our trip, coming to a total of 11 days. Slovenia begins our journey into the eastern parts of Europe. There was a difference stepping onto the Slovenian trains, as they are much older than the trains in the German regions we were used to. The language is obviously no longer German either, but most everywhere you go in the most toured parts of Slovenia, the people speak very good English. The honest truth about Slovenia is that we didn’t give it nearly the time we should have!  Lake Bled

Lake Bled is a destination that is a picture-perfect destination for a European fairytale. The island in the middle of the lake has a church tower that is iconic for Bled, as well as the bright blue water that surrounds it. Dragons are a huge part of Slovenian folklore, so the caves nearby are always riddled with tales of a dragon hidden in its depths. Our favorite part about Lake Bled though was simply the calming aura it gives. You really don’t have to do much in 2 days of being there to feel you have gotten something out of the experience. The best decision we made by far was deciding to stay at a glamping tent at Camp Bled. 

You have this cute little glamping experience complete with a sitting area, view to the forest, wood-burning hot tub, a private bathroom (which is definitely not what you would expect of your typical camping bathroom scene at all), and all glampers also get breakfast provided each morning at 8 in a cute little picnic basket! 

Our picnic basket came with bread, croissants, fruit, milk, coffee, meat, cheese, and yogurt! There are both regular and vegetarian options. Both days we would wake up with a spectacular breakfast, then go out to see the town, or paddle board in the lake. The lake was so clear, you could see the fish swimming next to you! This is just one viewpoint from paddle boarding: 

It’s also really popular to rent a boat to paddle yourself (usually 10€ an hour). You can also rent a boat to the island in the middle which usually takes about an hour and someone else drives you there. You can get some beautiful views either way! 

Then we could end the day sitting down with an amazing meal (and of course amazing dessert). 

Pictured: Mango Tiramisu with dark chocolate mousse and fruit, AND a lavender creme brûlée (with some little crumbly chocolate pop rock resembling things?!) It sounds fancy, but only 6€?? 😍

Then we would end the day enjoying a relaxing evening in the wood-burning hot tub with fireflies all around you in the woods. How fairytale is that?!


Pictured: Ljubljana castle, the square at night (this is where all the good restaurants and night life is), and river ferry. 

By the time we were able to get on the train (most trains run really early between Bled and the capital or very late), we made it to Ljubljana off the train pretty late around 3. We made it to our place around 4, but laundry had to be done. If you are washing a week’s worth of clothes after not having access to washer and dryer for awhile you know it could take awhile. All in all, it took us about 4 hours to wash both of our sets of clothes (yay European dryers for taking longer than usual). We weren’t even going to really go out much on the town because we had to leave again at 6AM for the train to Pula, Croatia (the ONLY time that the train for Croatia leaves from Ljubljana). Once we got out to the town though...

We knew immediately we should have stayed longer. At least one or two days longer. There is so much to do just in the city itself at night time! All at once there was music everywhere (there was a festival going on), bustling restaurants, chocolate shops, ice cream and pancake stands made for plenty of food, and good food at that! 

Pictured: Housemade ravioli with mozarella, ricotta, and basil topped with 3 cheese sauce

And if that wasn’t enough, there is a lot of history, including a castle right over town! The town itself was beautiful and we know we probably missed out on so many sites. 

My advice is:

Stay in Ljubljana. Literally one of the coolest places.

Take day trips including Lake Bled. There’s always time to come back to Ljubljana at night time to enjoy again. You could even stay one night at the glamping tent at the beginning, and then stay the rest of the time in the capital to be near the transportation you need leaving the country as well. 

Eat all different types of food! Fresh fish from the lake, liver is popular (I’m picky and it’s good, trust me), and the BEST desserts you’ve ever had!

Slovenian wine is also a go-to here, and it really stands out among the rest! 

Sadly, we only spent two days at the lake, and one night in Ljubljana, so it really wasn’t enough of a stay to really enjoy it as much as we could have. We definitely agreed it is a place we would love to come back to and enjoy longer! Now on to Pula, Croatia! 

~Gal with a pal

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