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Standing Tall

Happy first week of August, followers!

If you haven't gotten a chance to yet, you can check out my "About" tab to read some info about me and my mission! If you have already read it, you'll see that I like to get deep. I have promised myself to get deep into the issues that we as human beings can all identify with from time to time, and this is my first post in doing so! I'll admit, it's tough to get into the details that sometimes would make a person uncomfortable to talk about. However, if we're all going to heal the world, we have to do it together. The only way to truly do that is to open our hearts and speak freely and with a sprinkle of open-mindedness. I hope that you can identify with something I discuss in this post and use it to think about your own strengths in life!

Embracing Life's Uncertainties

Everyone has one of those things that causes them to feel uncertain about their life no matter how confident they seem on the surface.

For some, it may be the uncertainty of adulthood and what the future holds.

For others, it could be the challenges of parenthood (or grandparent hood).

There could be a difficulty with a relationship: friends, family, or even a significant other.

Maybe you struggle with something like depression or anxiety, or a illness that no one seems to understand.

Or you could find it tough to get through some of the common frustrations of life:

Dealing with a stressful job,

figuring out who your true friends are,

or finding out that your mission to be a force of change in the world is a little tougher than you thought.

These are just a few of the things that I have personally experienced, or people I am close to have experienced. It's just a normal part of life, and more importantly, YOU'RE NOT ALONE.

Everyone has a wall

I'm not even talking about a mental wall here. I promise to only get somewhat metaphorical.

I've been reflecting a lot on our recent trip to Yosemite and some of the things that absolutely fascinated me. One of them was the vastness of the Sonoran Desert and the amazing group of Joshua Trees that grew right in the middle of it. The only Joshua I suspected the name derived from was of course the Joshua we know in the Bible. The Joshua Tree's story comes from a group of Mormon settlers that intitially came through the area (I can't imagine what it was like coming through an enormous desert with upper 100 temperatures during that time!). The trees reminded them of Joshua raising his hands towards God in acknowledgment for his (and all of Israel's) successes while wandering through the desert. Many scholars even believe that a form of the Joshua tree is actually referenced in the Bible itself (but that's another story). It is one of Joshua's stories in particular that had me thinking about how people conquer the "walls" of life. By this I mean some type of roadblock that, at its emergence, seems impossible.


If I can think of any character in literature that has had to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds in order to do something brave, I guarantee most of my references have to come from the Bible. When I think about "standing tall" in the face of your adversities, I immediately think of the story of the great wall of Jericho. Most of you probably think about the soldiers who were told they would win a battle against the most fortified city in the area. God instructed them to simply walk around the city once for 6 days, and on the seventh day, walk around the city seven times while blowing trumpets. The army would then give a loud shout and the walls would come crumbling down and everyone left in the city would be destroyed by God's people. I can't even imagine how crazy the plan would have sounded to Joshua, but the Bible doesn't talk about him hesitating in his choice to carry it out. When the messenger comes, Joshua falls to the ground and asks what he can do for the Lord with complete trust in whatever will be asked of him! Joshua had already seen so many promises fulfilled by the Lord, and he was able to trust that everything God asked him would be for a greater purpose; His promised land to the Israelites.

There are many people who have faith like Joshua; the willingness to carry out their God-given purpose through whatever is asked of them because they have seen how His promises have been fulfilled all of their lives. Then there is the "hidden" story of Jericho of a woman who is another sort of believer through obstacles of life; Rahab. The story of Rahab is not by any means one with a glorious beginning. She was living in the city as a prostitute, and probably saw a lot of heartache and misfortune in her lifetime. However, when Joshua sent two spies to stay in Jericho, she hid them from soldiers of her own city, despite the fear she felt from stories she had heard about the Israelites and their miracle-performing God. She did not do this because she had seen many promises of God fulfilled to her specifically, but she DID see how God had fulfilled them for His people. It was clear she knew that if God wanted Jericho destroyed, it would be destroyed. She reached out and asked that they "show kindness" to her family by sparing them in the fall of Jericho.

Her bravery has stuck with me because of her willingness to "stand tall" in the face of an uncertain future, and confront her worst fears. God has used many powerful examples of both men and women whose bravery is remembered throughout time, but we must also remember the Rahabs. Those of the world who overcome impossible pasts, tasks, and odds in hopes of a better future.

Conquering Your Wall

Now you might say, "okay so these people did it, but that's not me". You're also not alone in thinking that either. I am definitely one to struggle with the idea that I can overcome the difficulties placed before me, and I often put into perspective how my difficulties are incredibly small in comparison to rest of the world. I do know that no matter what the difficulty is, there is one remaining truth; YOU HAVE A PURPOSE. God wants you here, carrying out your specially-created purpose on this earth, and there is nothing He won't put in your path that He knows you can't handle. Everyone is different in what breaks them or ignites them, and He uses each of your unique qualities to carry out his will on earth!

Ways to Start Conquering Your Walls:

1. One day at a time

2. Be patient with yourself

3. Lean on the people around you because they care (whether you know it or not)

4. Know you CAN change the world. In your own way, and through constant dedication to the gifts you have been giving individually by God.

Start conquering your walls and learn to love who you are, because there's only one you!

With love,

~The gal with a pal

*still in the process of conquering her walls one day at a time*

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